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<span class="plainlinks">[http://cctbio.ece.umn.edu/wiki/images/e/e6/Fett_Bruck_Riedel_Synthesizing_Stochasticity_in_Biochemical_Systems.pdf http://cctbio.ece.umn.edu/wiki/images/0/04/Pdf.jpg]</span>
<span class="plainlinks">[http://mriedel.ece.umn.edu/wiki/images/4/4c/Chen_Riedel_Parallel_Binary_Sorting_and_Shifting_with_DNA.pdf http://cctbio.ece.umn.edu/wiki/images/0/04/Pdf.jpg]</span>
<br> [[Media:Chen_Riedel_Parallel_Binary_Sorting_and_Shifting_with_DNA.pdf | Paper]]
<br> [[Media:Chen_Riedel_Parallel_Binary_Sorting_and_Shifting_with_DNA.pdf | Paper]]

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I am a PhD Student at Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Minnesota, advised by Prof. Marc Riedel.


My research is on DNA computing in the DNA Storage Project. There are several directions that we are currently exploring, including concentration based computing with nicked DNA, theoretical complex computation on SIMDNA structure, and stochastic computing with random nicked DNA.


title: Parallel Binary Sorting and Shifting with DNA
authors: Tonglin Chen and Marc Riedel
presented at: 11th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation, Cambridge, England, 2019.



Email: chen5202@umn.edu