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I'm a rising junior Computer Engineering student at the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Some areas that I'm interested in is embedded systems and computer architecture.

Research Topics

My main research project under Marc Riedel is working with Microfluidics and implementing AI learning into pathfinding for the droplets.

The second Research project that I am working on deals with AI being applied to figure out the peptide bonding strength of different

Projects (School and Personal)

Here is a collection of some of my projects that I have done as school projects or personal projects, as well as a video demo.

Morse Code Translator

This project was the final project for Introduction to Microcontrollers. In this project, a PIC 24 microcontroller was utilized to accept input using a button to act as a Morse code signal. It would then output this to a LCD display attached and included start transmission and end transmission codes so input could be halted or started at the user's will

Video Demos

Github Repository


Temperature Sensor FPGA

This project consisted of using an FPGA to measure the temperature using a TMP36 sensor, and to use ADC to allow the FPGA to display the current temperature on a 7 segment display

Video Demo

Video Demo

Contact Information


  • henry.hein236@gmail.com (Personal)
  • hein0470@umn.edu (School)